Zoo trip (1) September 2013

My mother in law, love her so much!, bought us zoo passes to our local zoo so now we can go as much as we like all throughout the year 🙂 Today was another beautiful fall day so we decided to go. The zoo is in the process of setting up for the big Halloween event they do every year so we got to see a few decorations.



I had Little Man bring his camera and carry it so he could take pictures of animals he liked.



We are always telling Little Man to “go stand by_____, so we can take your picture”, lol, well today he decided it was time for him to be the one taking the picture 🙂


Finally got to see the tiger! Usually he is hiding in the far corner and we can’t see him well.


We watched the elephants play. Next time we go we are going to make a special trip to see them get their daily bath.







There is a cute little train that goes around monkey island and Little Man decided he was big enough this year to ride it 🙂


He wanted to ride in the VERY back seat.








The zoo also has a cafe with a playground next to it so we had lunch there. After Little Man ate he played on the playground for a little while.


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