What is Melaleuca all about?

You Tube  has wonderful videos about the company Melaleuca, some others are claiming the company is a scam and fraudulent. I would like to share my personal experience with this company.

When I found Melaleuca I was looking for a company that I could make money with from home that had affordable products, environmentally friendly, and did not require me to keep products on hand or do parties to sell them. That is what I found in Melaleuca and I have fallen in love with the products. I have been a member since September 2010 and I will never go back to using store bought and chemical laden products in my home. I have not made money with the company and that is okay because for myself and my family the products are enough. I have reviewed a few products here and here. My very first order with Melaleuca was the home conversion kit and I reviewed it here.

You can replace each product you use in your home with Melaleuca products for about the same price and you pay in stores. The products are concentrated ( meaning one bottle has 3-6 refills in it )  and environmentally friendly.  They carry products in Nutrition, Medicine Cabinet, Beauty, Household, Bath & Body, Essential Oils, Kids, Animals and Extra savings where you can buy in bulk and save even more!

Melaleuca’s Goals

If you are interested in becoming a preferred member I would be more that happy to help you get signed up! Just comment below and I will contact you.

Look for future posts on reviews of more products that we love from Melaleuca! Until then please join my mailing list and be entered to win an essential oil necklace diffuser here.

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