Weigh in 8/8/2017

Hi all it has been a while since I posted 🙂 I will explain that all in another post but I just wanted to check-in and share my latest weight loss and a super easy coconut cookie recipe that we LOVE!

So I am finally losing again after almost 9 weeks of being stalled after my surgery back in May, post to come about all that. Don’t ever give up when you are in a stall, just keep going!

Now on to the cookies 🙂 My son and I were looking for an alternative “sweet” to take when we were invited to birthday parties and for when we have a sweet tooth.

Coconut Flour Cookies, I found these on lowcarbyum, she is great and has wonderful recipes 🙂


These were so good! They reminded me of my sugar cookie recipe that I use at christmas time, this year I will use this recipe to replace that one. I am going to experiment with it though to make it a cut-out cookie recipe, I will post when I get it right! These cookies are very good just out of the oven but a little crumbly. I suggest placing them in the fridge for a while before eating so they firm up a bit.

Well that is all for now. We have started out 2017-18 homeschool year so once I get Little Man going I will have new posts up. Until then please share my blog and help me build my following. Time for a give away!!


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