weigh in 11/7/2017

Hello all! Been a busy last couple of weeks with everyone, including myself, at home and work being sick. For those who don’t know I work fulltime in the home healthcare industry providing care for developmentally disabled adults in a small group home setting. I have 4 individuals, 2 boys and 2 girls, the girls have been sick and therefore I ended up sick. Then my son was sick…oh well everyone is getting better and life goes on! I have to say I do love my job and have done this kind of work since I was 20. Maybe after my son is grown I can look into management, but for now I will stick with my overnights.

Now onto my weight….it has not changed but after the Halloween party I did not expect it to. Lets just say a little alcohol was involved, lol.

I weigh myself about every other day so I know I was up 2 or 3 pounds after the party, 10/28, but as of today I am back down to what I was before. Honestly I don’t expect to lose any over the holidays but I am determined to stay Keto through them 🙂 Thanksgiving is coming up and I plan to try some new recipes so I can still have the comfort foods but not the weight gain everyone else will have!

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