Goals and Keto

How is everyone doing? Loving this way of eating? I know I am. Still having mild sugar cravings but nothing I can’t handle with a cheesecake dessert I made. I just wanted to share my reasons for starting this way or eating and try to give you encouragement.

  • Inflammation all over my body: I have such horrible inflammation in my joints that I cannot walk some days. I have already felt this begin to subside!
  • PCOS/Endometriosis:  I have had this issue since I was a young teen, this post tells my story. I am hoping to heal my body of this so that I can be free of pain relating to it.
  • I want to be more attractive for my husband: Let’s face it, men are visual creatures. They need something nice to look at. I was 100 pounds lighter when we met.

This is us Christmas 2001

Here we are in summer 2015

  • The final reason I am changing the way I am eating is because I want to feel better, I want to be a more active family and go on more adventures. See more of our beautiful country and I can’t do that happily if I am 100 lbs over weight!

I shared this in my first post about the Keto diet but I will share it again here.

  • I am 245.6 lbs as of 1/17/2017
  • My BMI is 44 and morbidly obese

Now so far I have been able to stay pretty close to my macros. What have I been eating? Well here are some pictures 🙂

This was very good. Not exactly like pizza crust but it works! I found a pizza sauce that worked, added Canadian bacon and pepperoni, then piled on the cheese 🙂 My 8 year old son enjoyed it too.

This is okay. Next time I make it I will add sour cream and more heavy whipping cream to make it not as dense. I added pecans for a crunch.

6 oz steak, 2 eggs, fried brussel sprouts and radishes with cheese. I found a steak seasoning at Aldi that does not have sugar or carbs 🙂 This has been my “breakfast” all week.

Other meals have been eggs and bacon, celery and tuna salad, and spaghetti squash.

I work overnights Monday – Friday  11 pm-7 am so my mornings start at 9:45pm 🙂 I get everything together and leave for work by 10:30pm. Since I work in home healthcare I can use the kitchen and supplies after I make sure all my clients are taken care of. So I usually eat my biggest meal around midnight each night. I have my coffee around 2 am and when I get home I make my son breakfast and have a small 2nd meal of bacon and eggs usually. Around 11:30am I make my son lunch and have a snack when I take my supplements. I am in bed by 1pm.

Well that is all for now! Happy Ketoing!

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