Summer Classes have started! :)

We have taken a 2 week break and are starting our summer semester today 🙂 I spent time looking through curriculum and chose LifePac from Alpha Omega publications. I found the curriculum on for slightly cheaper than Alpha Omega’s site and I got free shipping so I saved about $75 on both Kindergarten and 1st grade curriculum. I never thought I would be one to use a curriculum but with me working 2 jobs life has just got too busy for me to lesson plan. The LifePac has student books and a teacher book for each subject. Kindergarten is 2 subjects which consist of Math and Language. We of course will do science experiments 🙂 I am hoping to get a science co-op started this summer and maybe look into keeping it going through next “school” year. Here is a link to Amazon’s listings for LifePac. Here is a link to Alpha Omega’s website with all the info. We are planning on getting through the Kindergarten this summer, because honestly he knows it all I just want it on paper all in one spot :), and starting the Grade 1 this fall.

NOW, here is our first experiment of the summer 🙂 This play dough is only 2 ingredients and so soft and silky! We had fun playing with it.

1 cup of conditioner (cheap as you can get it!)
2 cups of corn starch

mix the 2 together and have fun 🙂

I LOVE being a homeschooler!!

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