State Notebooking (2014-2015)

I found this great state lesson from TpT site, I LOVE this site and use it frequently! It is free to join and most lessons are cheap or free.
The pages are simple enough and only require writing on a few lines so this would be great for younger kiddos that aren’t quiet there yet with writing. I help with the writing part of it. Little Man can copy off the map I have that shows just the sate and capitol.
Here is what the blank pages look like. At the top the kid can cut out the state name, map, flag, write in state nickname, capital, motto, flower, bird, fun fact, seal, quarter, license plate, and the surrounding states. I have been using to get the information needed for the pages. Just go there and search the state and it will bring up the vital information on the state.


This is our map that we are using to help with the notebooking. It only shows states with the capitals so it is perfect for it.
We start out by reviewing previous states and capitals by locating them on the map and then we move on to the new state. Takes about 30 mins or so to complete.


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