Speedy Marble

This is another science kit that Little Man got from grandma for Christmas. She loves to give him science related things. You see Little Man’s grandpa, her husband, was a brilliant (genius actually) scientist and teacher and my son has shown a strong interest in science and math from an early age so she wants to help us nourish this as much as possible 🙂 Grandpa died 1.5 years ago so Little Man is missing out on such a wonderful teacher BUT we are doing our best and I hope grandpa is happy looking down on us as we raise this little prodigy. 🙂 Here is a link to where you can purchase this kit
This experiment is showing how friction makes things harder to move and when you reduce the friction it makes it easier.


1st he moves the coaster by itself and felt the friction


Then he added the marbles and that made it much easier to move 🙂



This one built on the 1st activity by showing how the tumbler with the marbles went faster it did not go as far because of the friction caused by the weight of the marbles inside. The empty tumbler was slower but went farther because of less friction. And our cat Kumo LOVES to watch our activities 🙂



This activity showed how centripetal force works by placing the marble in the cage and shaking it in a circular motion the wall of the cage pushes against the marble keeping it moving in a circular path.




This activity shows how surface tension works. When the beaker only had water in it with the ball floating on top be ball stayed to the side but when marbles were placed in the beaker it raised the surface tension to the center of the beaker so the ball followed.






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