Painting with glue (July 2011)

I got this Idea from Almost Unschoolers and loved it so since back to school sales are going on we tried it 🙂
What you will need:
4-6 bottles of Elmers Glue
Food Coloring

Add the food coloring to the glue, I used 6 bottles cause I wanted purple and a lighter color of green to paint with. It does take a bit for the colors to mix so you might want to do this the night before like I did.

We had “A” over today so she painted too! She is 8 and loved it.

This medium is really fun to work with. You can have several colors together and “mix” them without creating mud. Adding detail to the picture with the end of a paint brush before it dries is neat too. We spent the better part of an hour experimenting with colors and had a good time! We will be doing this again soon.

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