Our 6th Anniversary

Husband and I have been together since September 2001, right before 9/11. I can’t believe it has been 10 years 🙂 Here are some pictures of our progression over the years :p

So young and thin! lol Christmas 2001


September 2 2005, was a perfect day!


Christmas 2006


February 29 2008, all dressed up for a c-section lol.


Our precious baby boy


10 days in the NICU, probably the HARDEST thing I have ever been through.



3.5 years old, healthy and happy little boy!
We are so blessed and thankful for all we have and look forward to having one more child, Little Man says he wants a little sister and NOT a little brother LOL!

1st day of Preschool 9-1-2011

Our first day went well, we did calendar time, weather, days of the week, stacking cups, played with play doh and did some writing on the white board. Next week we will start our scheduled school work. Looking forward to Co-Op starting on Tuesday!!

Melting Crayons on Canvas

I have seen this ALL OVER the Internet so I really wanted to do this with Little Man. Here is the process:

About 30 crayons, hot glue, and a hair dryer


I arranged the crayons how we liked them


Then we went outside to start melting 🙂





I think this is one of the prettiest things we have ever made!

Geo Board

I have been wanting to make one of these for a while now and finally had the time 🙂

Here is the process:
I had everything on hand so this cost me nothing which is always great!

Any size board you may have
Rubber Bands

I started off by marking every 1 inch for my nails

Started nailing
Now to make shapes 🙂

Daddy is home this week so we get to include him in our lessons this week.
I LOVE being a homeschooler:)

White board fun :) Car road.

So I got this huge white board for .25 at a yard sale, I think I am gonna use it for graphing and counting but today Little Man asked me to draw a road on it so I did 🙂



He played for a while and we drew several different roads on it. Great way to get him to practice counting by making parking spaces for his cars.

Making Bean Bags with Felt

I wanted to make bean bags to use for color matching, bean bag toss, or whatever else we could use them for so I bought every color of felt I could find. I bought the 11″x8.5″ and cut them in half and then cut it in half again giving me 4 sections of one color. I sewed the sections on 3 sides and then filled them with beans. Then sewed up the 4th side. VERY simple to make and takes about an hour 🙂






He matched all of them the first time! He was very proud of himself 🙂

Color Matching with pom poms

I did this a while back and wanted to show the process 🙂 I think I found the plastic container at the $1 store, I have had if for awhile now.

Hot glue the colored paper into each section, put the pom poms in a cup in the center and now you have a color matching activity!


Little Man is able to do this quit quickly so I think he needs some tongs to make it more challenging 🙂

Thirft Store/Garage Sale finds ;)

I just have to share these pictured, I got all of this for under $5! I am so excited about the books, lol! I have lots of Co-op classroom ideas for some of them!


This Children’s Night Sky Atlas came for Little Man’s grandma.





I have never seen this before but it looks like fun! Not all of the letters are there but surely I can order replacement ones 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

Askinosie Chocolate Factory Tour

We went to the Askinosie Chocolate Factory today to learn how chocolate is made. Here is their site and their story. I really love the fact that their chocolate is all organic, they know exactly where the coco beans are grown and how they are grown, they give fair market value to the farmers, they help the local homeless shelter kids with education by giving to the local elementary school, and when they found a new location to buy coco beans they helped have a well dig that provides clean water and also help fund raise to provide for the school in the village. Very ethical company! I forgot my camera so no pictures 🙁 but we had a great time.

Jump Mania 8-3-11

Little Man is finally in love with Jump Mania! I can see this being a great way to fill our Physical Education 🙂







Played for about an hour and he was soaked with sweat!