Opossum rescue with grandma

Little man goes and stays with his grandma pretty frequently now that he is older and almost everytime he goes, lately, there has been some kind of animal rescue involved. We are all animal lovers in this family; we have 2 big dogs and 3 cats and grandma has 2 big dogs, 3 inside cats and 2 or 3 outside cats she cares for 🙂

Little man and grandma came across a momma opossum that had been recently killed, she had several babies attached that were still nurslings. Grandma knew a lady that does rehab for orphaned opossum so they contacted her and away they went!

10 things you didn’t know about opossums

There were several things I did not know about opossums; like they are marsupials and they can kill venomous snakes! I think that I would like to have a couple just for that!

6 weeks later Little Man got to go see the release of the opossums and I am so glad he did! I think he learned a lot about nature and how it should be treated.

The lady that does the release practices “soft” release, meaning she sets up an open top cage, like a small dog run fencing, and places the opossums in a pet carrier with the door open. She leaves food and water with them and allows a few days for the opossums to discover the area around them before she totally removes the cage. Usually by this time they have gotten out and have made themselves at home in nature. She has had to keep a few that were injured or otherwise unable to be released but all in all she wants to keep the opossum population growing.

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  1. Great share! It’s not everyday you hear about someone rescuing a group of baby opossums. I think its great that you allowed your son to see the entire process of the rescue!

    1. We have such a heart for animals in our family. Little Man and Grandma spend 5+ hours one day trying to get a kitten down from a tree and treated for it’s injuries. For several weeks after they would go to the shelter to visit the kitten till he got adopted. We would have adopted him but we already have 3 cats and 2 big dogs that share a 1000 ft square home with us! My son even bought needed supplies for the shelter while that kitten was there.

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