New year, New Blog!

Happy New Year! And Happy New Blog! Whew! I am so excited to start this thing and get on to new and bigger, better things in my life.  I am 35 this year and totally not happy with the place I am in life. I love my husband and son but everything else….that is another story. I am working 2 jobs and 60-80 hours a week, trying to be the kind of wife/mother (failing miserably) that I want to be, trying to keep my homeschooling going and co-op, trying to have some kind of a social life and have time to do things that make me happy and find myself again.

  • I am resolute to spending time in my bible everyday and using the Scripture Writing Plan I found at . 10 minutes a day, I can do that!
  • I am starting a new blog to record our life ( Homeschooling, Adventures we go on, Things I enjoy, my struggle with weight and how I am correcting it, my struggle with PCOS/Endo ) I am hoping to be a blessing and inspire others to not give up; life does get better and you CAN do this!

I will be changing the way I eat via the Ketogenic Diet and eventually getting my husband and son on it as well.

So there it is, my ( for me ) top 3 resolutions for 2017.

*Some of you followed my other blog and I will be transferring those posts to this blog so be sure to follow this new blog.*

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