New kitty! Kumo

Over the last 6 months we have lost our 2 original “fur babies” they we 8 years old and died within months of each other 🙁 we have used this as a lesson for Little Man about death and how no one or nothing lives/exists forever on this planet. I think he gets it for the most part. We lost my father in law last August and Little Man understands that he is never coming back and that is okay 🙂 With that being said,  we were all heartbroken about losing our kitties that we did get another “fur baby”. He is Siamese and his name is Kumo, which is Japanese for cloud. He is a lot of fun and VERY Siamese 🙂











Can you see the cat laying between the dog beds?
As you can see he is very frisky and “owns” the dogs, lol.
Our dogs were our next “fur” babies when we bought our home. We basically never expected to be able to have children so we got animals to love and then surprise! We got Little Man the next year. Here is a link to the post on my struggle with infertility and how we now have our son.

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