Monday weigh in 4/3/2017

Hello friends and family! How is everyone doing?  I found free little cookbook I want to share with you, I also made soul bread from her site and OMG it was so good!

Just look at that sandwhich! It was SO good to finally find a “bread” that works for us 🙂

Each slice is just about 1 carb each. The next time I make it I will slice them thinner because they are dense and very filling. Perfect for toasting and  putting a big slice of butter on top. Soul Bread is my new favorite 🙂


Now onto my weigh in:

I am down almost another 2 lbs 🙂 I am well on my way to meeting my first goal of 25 lbs in 100 days with about 25 days left. I am slow to lose but I am still losing and feeling great! I started my son on his keto journey last week and he is down 2lbs and I am so proud of him. Keto on friends and family!

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