Monday weigh in 4/24/2017

How is everyone? Been a couple of weeks since my last update.  We are doing great and still loving the Keto lifestyle 🙂 My son is down 11 pounds and I am down 25!

In 100 days I have lost a little over 25 pounds! I am so excited about that and I am still in amazement that this has worked for me and continues to work. Never in my life have I found a diet that is so easy to follow and stick to! For my next 100 day goal I am looking to lose 20 more pounds and workout at least 3 days a week. My son and I are almost done with our school year and then we can start going on bike rides, hikes and dog walks on the mornings that are nice.  I am hoping to tone up and get my son into a healthier habit frame of mind.  I would like to break the cycle of bad habits and health in my family.

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