Monday weigh in 3/27/2017

Hello all, hope everyone is doing great! I want to share with you one of my favorite kitchen appliances, Instant Pot. I have had one for a few years and use it everyday.

Amazon has this one for $80 right now and that is a great deal. I cooked a half breast of turkey this weekend and it came out so moist and flavorful. Yum! I mean it cooks the best turkey and chicken breast you have ever tasted in about 30 minutes! Now compare that time to the regular time in the oven and work of basting and checking and basting and checking tempature…exhausting!

Now onto my weigh in:

I am down another 2 pounds! Making a total of 17.2 pounds down since Jan 17, 2017. I know it is not as much or as fast as others but I am still losing and I am happy with that.

How are you doing? Share your story if you like.

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