Monday weigh in 2/13/2017

Hello friends! How is everyone? Did everyone have a good weekend? I sure did, I went to my sister’s house and 3 of our brothers showed up unexpectantly 🙂 We sat around and drank and told funny stories from childhood and about our parents. I am number 6 of 7 children. 4 of us are close in age then one about 10-11 years later and again 2 more 10-11 years. So our parents started have children when they got married at 18 and had the last one at age 42!  Unfortunately we lost dad in 1999 and mom in 2002. My younger brother and I were just teenagers when we lost them so our oldest sibling took my little brother in and helped him through college. I was already out on my own ( that is a story for another post).

Now on to the weigh in!

11.6 pounds down in 5 weeks! I am so excited about this because I am still in my “shark week” and losing weight 🙂 I have to say that is period has been so different from any I have ever had and I can only guess it is because I am finally healing internally and my body is just adjusting. I cannot say enough good things about this way of eating and I don’t plan to ever go back to a carb based diet! If I can continue to lose and average of 10 pounds a month  will meet my goal around October!

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