Making Play-dough, the BEST texture!!

I ABSOLUTELY love the texture of this play-dough!! And so simple to make 🙂 Here is the recipe:

5 cups water
5 cups flour
2 1/2 cups salt
3 tablespoons of tartar
10 tablespoons of vegetable oil
food coloring ( optional )


Mix together water, salt and cream of tartar on low heat for a few minutes till salt and tartar is dissolved.


Add your flour and oil a little at a time.


Then stir, stir, stir 🙂


When the dough starts pulling away from the pan then it is ready for the next step!



If you are making colored play-dough then divide up the dough and mix in the color, otherwise just put it out on the table and knead till cool.


Beautiful!! It is now ready to be played with. When done playing just store in freezer bags.
Here is some pictures of the fun we had with this play-dough.
M was here to play today and he had so much fun!






I LOVE being a homeschooler!

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    1. Playstation is a big draw in my home too but he, at least for now, is always willing to do things with mom. 🙂

  1. I love making playdough with my preschooler. I feel like we can teach our kids so much during a process like that, and it’s such a great activity for the middle of the winter when we end up stuck indoors so much. We always love to add glitter to ours, too! Thanks for the great recipe and tutorial!

    Ashley | Look for Little Helpers

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