Keto Zoodles

I have always been a huge fan of pasta and since going full Keto back in January 2017 I have been struggling to find a suitable replacement. Today I tried a different way of cooking the zoodles.

What you need:

3 small zuchinni

your favorite keto friendly spaghetti sauce or alfredo sauce

1 lb grass feed beef or 1 or 2 chicken breasts if doing alfredo

Garlic salt to taste

First I cut the ends off and peeled the skin off, you can leave the skin on if you like. I prefer it peeled.

Next I set-up my spiral cutter, I really like this one because (1) I got it super cheap at a garage sale and (2) the feet have suction cups so it stays in place while using it! (3) my big white bowls fit perfectly under the edge of it to catch the zoodles.

Get to making spirals! 🙂

3 small zucchinis will fill these bowls.

Usually I just put the noodles in with the sauce and let it simmer but I was not happy with the texture so this time I stir-fried them with some garlic salt while I cooked the hamburger.

Doesn’t that look yummy! When cooking the zoodles like this it will reduce the bulk by about half so this was enough for 1 person, well for me anyway 🙂 I did not eat the whole 1 lb of cooked beef and sauce so I put it away for future use. Have fun experimenting and Keto on!


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