Keto pumpkin bars

So I have been experimenting with different recipes I have found on Pintrest, today I tried Wholesome Yum’s pumpkin bars.

Now the original recipe calls to bake for 30 mins but next time I make it I will cook for closer to 40 mins just to try to get the firmness I like in a cake like dessert, otherwise this is an awesome recipe!  Pumpkin Bars. Go check them out!

I iced the bars with my own personal icing recipe Keto friendly butter cream icing

Keto on!


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    1. You know I am really not sure. Are you following the Keto diet? If not then you could use regular flour I guess but if you are following the Keto diet you could experiment with coconut flour? I would use half the amount to begin with because coconut flour absorbs a lot of moisture. The gal that created the recipe at has more experience than I when it comes to modifying recipes 🙂

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