Gun safety

We have decided that Little Man is mature enough to learn how to properly handle a BB gun. He has always been taught with his play guns that you never point it at a person, always point it down when loading, only point at the target when ready to aim and shoot, and to always remember they can hurt. My husband got his BB gun from his mom’s house from when he was a child and brought it home a few weeks ago and we are now taking the next step in gun safety. Little Man is very excellent!

Daddy showing Little Man how to aim.


Little Man mimicking what he just saw daddy demonstrate.



Little Man learning the safety and what is looks like when it is on and when it is off.
For those reading this thinking we are crazy for letting our 5 1/2 year old shoot a BB gun, please remember he is an only child. He is ALWAYS ( no daycare or full-time sitter, ever. ) with us so he has learned over his short life what is acceptable and what is not. He is well mannered and respectful. He is beyond his years in his maturity and we know he can, and does, handle this responsibility. The gun is kept out of sight and reach when daddy is not home to supervise.
We do not intend on raising a sissy child that is afraid of guns simply because he has never been taught gun safety.


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