Dancing Powders

Little Man received this as a Christmas gift and now that we have made it through the holidays and my birthday we are getting back into the swing of doing “school” everyday, we do life skills daily regardless of the season 🙂 This little science kit is gauged to the ages 4 and up. I think it is appropriate as he was able to measure out everything on his own with my direction since he is not reading yet. We completed activities 1-3 today and he loved every minute of it!

The first activity introduces solid, liquid, and gases. We have had some experience with these in our vinegar and baking soda experiments so he knew some basics.
Measuring the Citric acid and baking soda into the cups.


Now for the water.


Mixing citric acid, baking soda, and water creates carbonation!



While he was completing the experiment I was reading the explanation of how it creates carbon dioxide through a chemical reaction. He loved it and completed the experiment 2 more times on his own 🙂

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