Caroling, Advent Activity 14

Do you go caroling? We don’t mainly because we are shy for the most part, but I do think it is a wonderful thing to do. We have friends that take their kiddos to local nursing homes and retirement villages to do so. I care for some of those retired folks and they always say how happy they are to see/hear the children caroling. It warms my heart. So where did caroling start? In the 13th century a friar named Francis of Assisi introduced caroling into formal worship ( much like how we sing praise songs in our modern day church ) during midnight mass in a cave in Italy. He encouraged his members to spread the good news through songs about Christmas. And so they did! That night after mass they went through the village and sang 🙂

Penatonix, is one of my favorite groups right now and I  LOVE their Christmas album. Go check it out.

Day 14 of the countdown to Christmas scripture, Luke 2:6 While they were there the time came for the baby to be born.



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