Branson Space Museum

This is a brand new place in Branson and it is so cool! 
These are artifacts from the Nazi concentration camps. The Jewish people were forced to make rockets for the Nazi Germans. The Germans did not give the people spoons or forks to eat with so they had to make their own utensils. There are also number plates that the Germans used to identify the workers, not by name but by number. 

These are some of the first “space” themed toys on the market.

Temperature control suit .

These are actual sized replicas of the very first man made items in space. The smaller one is German and did not collect any data; it only pinged. The larger one is American made and it collected data. 

Blueprint for the German satellite.

The men in the photo are the original 7 astronauts. They helped design and test the first rockets to carry man into space.  

This is a suit that they use to put fuel in the rocket. Rocket fuel can burn skin. 

Model of the International Space Station, it is as big as a football field. 

The tour guide had all the kids touch the white square.

Then he pushed the red button to run current through it and had all the kids touch the white square again and it was cold! 

This station was “Can you lift 12 pounds?” It was 12 pounds on Earth, 12 pounds on the Moon, 12 pounds on Jupiter, and 12 Pounds in a Black Hole. 

At the end the kids got the shoot an air pressure rocket.
This was a great museum and if you are ever in Branson look them up! 
I LOVE being a homeschooler!!!

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