Bean bag toss game

Little Man’s 4th birthday, his first “rea”l birthday, is on February 29 this year and we are having a party with all our Co-op and MOPS kids so I know I need to have enough “entertainment” for the kids a possible. I made a bean bag toss game today and let Little Man check it out!

First I laid out the pattern I wanted.


My little saucers were just the right size!


I used scissors to score the foam board and then took a knife to cut out the circle.


All cut out, now I have 5 black circles I need to figure out something to do with!!



Found that leaning it upright it would bend if the bean bag hit the board so we laid it down and it worked great.




Little Man LOVED it and I am sure all the kids will too. I have 2 more games to create for the kiddos so I will add more later!

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