Atlantis Space Shuttle Replica

Here is a link for more information. We went to Branson while the shuttle was still there and got a tour from Vince. He is a great guy with an AWESOME space shuttle!






During our tour we got a 9 minute simulation of take off and landing to the moon! Little Man was not too thrilled about it but he did enjoy the rest of the tour 🙂 During the simulation the screen played the count down, showed the outside of a real shuttle, ignition, take off, release of the rockets, and landing on the moon. Then the screen went inside the shuttle and an astronaut gave us a tour of the inside and how things work. She showed how they sleep in sleeping bags that are connected to the ship and how they use the restroom in space at the space station.


This is a slice of the actual brake from the original Atlantis shuttle.



Book signed and written by one of the astronauts from Atlantis.


This is a heat tile that lines the space shuttles.


A bolt that flew in space.


I really enjoyed this tour and was sad to hear he is moving the shuttle soon due to low attendance. It is very educational and fun so if you see he is near you it is worth the drive to go 🙂


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  1. Thanks for sharing. For those of us who did have a chance to visit the shuttle, your pictures take us to this great adventure.

  2. My little one has not shown that much interest in space yet, but this still seems like an interesting activity for children. Sad to hear that it’s getting moved!

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