Another snow day in spring 2013 :)

We love spring! But being in the mid-west you have to expect ups and downs in the temps 🙂 So we made the most of our cold day by playing with the 4-wheeler.

Getting it going! This thing is very sturdy and reliable.


I love the story behind him getting this thing; he was about 3 or so and still took a binky, aka pacifier, to bed. Now this didn’t bother me and I wasn’t worried about it because, well, this child is just like his momma and doesn’t do anything till he is good and ready or has a good reason to! Well grandma was here one weekend and we were at Academy Sports browsing and Little Man saw the 4-wheeler and asked grandma for it. Grandma said “I will get it for you if you give me all your binkies before bed and sleep without them” Well that night before bed he gathered all his binkies, I think he had 6 or so hidden in his bed 🙂 , and brought them to his grandma and went to bed. He slept all night without one and never asked for them again!  SO grandma had to keep her promise and, $350 later, he got the 4-wheeler.  It lasted him about 3.5 years and we sold it for about $100 so if you are looking to buy one they are a good buy!



Throwing snowballs at momma 🙂


Our dogs LOVE snow and go crazy over it! Do yours?




Fun day!


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