Acid or base?

Activity 3 Acid or Base?
I have to say this was my favorite activity so far 🙂
making indicator solution
This will show if the liquid or solid is acid, base, or neutral.


Our first experiment 🙂 Liquid dish soap, vinegar, milk, and lemon juice.


adding indicator solution to each one.





our results :
Liquid dish soap: Neutral
Vinegar: Acid
Milk: Neutral
Lemon juice: Acid
reset with new liquid or solids 🙂


Tap water, baking soda, borax, and olive oil.


adding indicator solution to each one


He learned oil and water don’t mix!





Our results:
Tap water : Base
Baking Soda: Base
Borax: Neutral
Olive Oil: Neutral
Little Man freely played with all ingredients for a while after the original experiment was completed.


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