A new year! 2014

Whew, I have not posted since October 27, 2013! Life is always crazy busy for us from November to about the end of January 🙂 I will be updating my blog soon with all the holiday activities, Co-op meetings, and field trips very soon!

I just wanted to take some time to encourage all my home-school moms 🙂 we made it through another busy season in our journey (yay!) and though there were ups and downs we powered through to the other-side. For many of you this is the half way mark, for us it is the beginning of our 2014 school year 🙂 We school all year so I try to bring new material in at the beginning of the year.

Little Man is currently at an almost 1st grade level in math and science, he is still at a preK level in reading and sight words, and his penmanship is excellent so all in all 2013 was a success! This year I plan to move him up at least 1 grade level in each area and get him involved in more independent learning classes from the Zoo, Noah’s Art, Wonders of Wildlife and other resources we have available here in our area. I am also going to start utilizing a kitchen timer to set boundaries on games, free-play, and school time to try to minimize the back talk and “no’s” that Little Man has recently decided he wants to choose to do. I am also doing my best to not yell and not repeat myself when asking Little Man to follow instructions. I am going to say it once and set a timer, if when the timer goes off and the request is not done then he loses 1 day of gaming with dad on the PS4. We shall see how this works 🙂

That is all for now! God Bless and remember to pray 🙂

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